Give Up on Your New Year’s Resolution… And do this instead!

New Year’s Resolutions — are we over them yet? It’s the second week of January and, as a health coach, this is the time of year when I start getting lots of frantic calls from clients who are already falling off the resolution wagon. And what do I tell them? Read more ›

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6 Reasons Fitness Apps Fail


Health and fitness apps are all the rage these days. And, with over 40,000 of them on the market, I often getquestions from clients and friends about which apps will truly help boost their healthy behaviors.

Now, I love technology and data collection as much as the next geeky science nerd. And the fun, flashy fitness apps out there collect reams of data on every healthy habit you can imagine. But, the sad truth from current research says that buying an app or gadget and committing to get fit just isn’t enough to control healthy habit change over the long-term.

Feeling like you got gipped on that pedometer, sleep monitor, or nutrition label scanner? Don’t delete those apps yet! Here’s a list of reasons why fitness apps fail, and some ways you can outsmart them to achieve your wellness goalsRead more ›

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Halloween vs. the Whole Food Junkie

fruit-pumpkin-EditIt’s Halloween! One of my favorite holidays, by far. I love dressing up and playing pretend! But, if you’re a whole food convert like me, the threat of processed, sugary sweets probably has you hiding out at home instead of tricking and treating. Stay strong, my friend, and keep that corn syrup monkey off your back!

People ask how I can manage the will power to eat whole foods most of the time. Yes, I do splurge on chocolate, roasted nuts and wine. But overall, I’ve found that sticking with a balance of fresh fruits, veggies and protein really just makes me feel so much better.

I will let you in on a little secret, though. I wasn’t always this careful with my eats or this committed to healthy food habits.  Read more ›

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