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Information and research in the field of behavior science continues to advance. In order to provide clients with programming that is comprehensive and on the cutting edge, SPARK Behavior Solutions stays abreast of the most recent studies of behavior change and motivation.

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Behavior Science & Coaching

Worldwide organization of professionals in the field of behavior science. Includes information about the principles of behavior science as well as a list of resources, members and upcoming events.

Contains information about certifications in the field of behavior science and a directory of all Behavior Analysts who have achieved certification.

The Cambridge Center focuses on solving practical problems with behavior science.

Health, Sports & Behavior Science

ABAI Health, Sport & Fitness Special Interest Group – Facebook

This group supports research and application related to behavior analysis to health, sport, and fitness.

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis – Sports Performance

Articles that highlight the application of behavior science to sports performance and fitness.

Nutrition, Fitness & Weight Loss

American Heart Association -Article summarizing the AHA’s findings on physical activity interventions.

Research supports behavioral interventions as a way to help adults increase physical activity

DASH for Health – The DASH diet, a program based on whole food nutrition

USDA’s My Plate – Dietary guidelines and tools

Behavior Modification & Physical Activity – Information from the Obesity Action Coalition

Leaders in the Field of Behavior Science

B.F. Skinner is considered the founding father of behavior science. The B.F. Skinner Foundation was established in 1987 to improve the understanding of human behavior through the study of human behavior.

Richard W. Malott, PhD, BCBA-D is a professor a Western Michigan University who is interested in behavior analysis with regard to autism, procrastination and organizational behavior management. He is dedicated to ‘saving the world with behavior analysis’.

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