Founders Keepers

SPARK Founder, Coach Meg, enjoys sharing her thoughts and sparking change through writing and online media. You can find Meg’s published health and wellness articles online via the following links. Here’s hoping that they will inspire you to write your own sparked life story!

Health & Wellness Articles:

6 Ways to Maintain Your Mental Flexibility

4 Mindless Habits that are Hurting Your Weight Loss

7 Things that Separate Weight-Loss Winners & Losers

5 Mind Games you Need to Stop Playing

Make Your New Year’s Momentum Last

The Worst New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make

Cosozo Living Magazine

Managing Social Anxieties

Get Moving, Get Going!

Brain Gym

What to Do When You’ve Had it with that Unhealthy Habit…

Casting Your Net for a New Job? Tips for Navigating Stormy Waters   

Feeling Lost in Your Life? Follow Mom’s Advice to Find Your Way    

Too Young For a Bucket List? Think Again: Joys in Achieving Life Dreams

People Annoying You? What You Can Learn

Loving the Body that Is

Changing Your Behaviors – Cosozo Radio Podcast

Real Food & Health Magazine

From Panicked to Prosperous

Ferment to Unwind Frazzled Nerves

Cultivating Balanced Commitment

Life is Thriving

Real Commitment Takes a Community

Don’t Panic

Setting Goals for Winter Sustenance


Travel Articles:

Surfing & Sustainability: Making a Difference in Costa Rica

Bodhi Surf School: Building Awareness & Promoting Change

Surf School Branches into Local Awareness

Chuz Your Own Adventure – Coach Meg’s Personal Travel Blog


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