Become a Super-Charged Caregiver

Whether you’re a parent , a mental health professional, teacher, nurse, or nanny, being a caregiver for someone with special needs in any capacity can definitely test your mettle. Are there times when you feel:


  • Overwhelmed by the gravity and demands of a diagnosis?
  • Stuck in a world that revolves around testing, treatments, and intervention?
  • Frustrated, fed up, or helpless about situations that arise?
  • Shame or guilt about not getting everything accomplished?
  • Stretched for time and short on energy?
  • Disconnected from family members, career, friends or interests?
  • A lack of enthusiasm for the present moment and/or hope for the future?
  • Envious of friends who seem to simply enjoy life or go with the flow?

If you’re dealing with any of the issues above, know that your feelings are completely natural. Being a caregiver isn’t like being a motorcycle mechanic; when you’re dedicated to helping others thrive, you don’t get to close your toolbox and wipe your hands of your work at the end of each day. Caregivers are busting their tails and taking on stressful situations 24/7! They barely have time to eat lunch, much less ponder their own purpose, passions or path.

If caring for someone else has left you with little SPARK of your own, coaching can help you regain a healthy balance and focus in your life. Having worked closely with families, siblings, teachers, and healthcare staff all over North America, Coach Meg knows a few things for sure:

1. Caregivers are a strong and sturdy crew. But they’re only human!

2. Life’s balance shifts completely when you’re committed to helping someone else.

3. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t have the resources to give the very best care for someone else.

Through individual or group SPARK Coaching, Coach Meg helps parents, families and professional caregivers to:

caregiver children

  • Recognize and capitalize on personal strengths
  • Set personal goals and ambitions, within and beyond the role of ‘caregiver’
  • Change habits to become healthier, happier, and better organized at home and at work
  • Develop routines that decrease stress, deter burnout and help everyone thrive
  • Reconnect with their true passions, enthusiasm and enjoyment
  • Prepare for stressful events that are outside the norm (vacations, holidays, moving, career change, etc.)
  • Re-design the caregiving environment to provide more comfort and flow
  • Seek out other resources to help you reclaim their unique, personal SPARK

Coaching Circles for Caregivers:

Are you an organization that serves families with special needs or relies on caregivers as front-line staff? SPARK Behavior Solutions offers Caregiver Coaching Circles as an effective and affordable way to boost wellness, stifle stress, and banish burnout.

Pricing for on-site Coaching Circles depends on a number of variables, may be offered as a private-pay service, and/or may be covered by your organization’s employee wellness program or insurance provider. Contact Coach Meg to learn more about how Caregiver Coaching Circles can help you strengthen your organization’s most important resource, your people.

During each Caregiver Coaching Circle, participants will:

  1. Discover how environment, pay-offs and effort make healthy habit change so difficult.
  2. Muster up ‘Wellness Mojo’ so they can stay motivated and healthy, even in trying times.
  3. Learn to identify the triggers for their unhealthy habits.
  4. Practice proven habit change strategies from behavior science and discover tools that will help them achieve lasting success.
  5. Experience guided goal-setting and leave with a unique Action Plan to boost personal wellness.

Additionally, all of Coach Meg’s Coaching Circles include:

  1. A completely customized Action Plan, specific to each participant’s wellness goals.
  2. Weekly 2-hour sessions over a 7-10 week period.
  3. Personal contact with Coach Meg between group sessions for continuous support.
  4. Tools and handouts to boost participant success at home , at work and at play.
  5. A safe space and a close connection with an expert who supports each participant’s personal commitment to health 100%.
  6. Access to an exclusive online forum so those within the Circle can stay connected and support one another.

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