Health Savings Account Eligibility


Currently, SPARK services are NOT covered by health insurance. Private or group coaching sessions are an out-of-pocket expense. Coach Meg is not a licensed medical provider as defined by government and insurance company standards. So, no insurance company is ever involved with your payments to SPARK Behavior Solutions, LLC.

However, with a letter of medical necessity from your physician, SPARK health coaching service MAY BE COVERED by  your Health Savings Account (HSAs). Click the button on the right for a letter of medical necessity that you can print and share with your physician.

SPARK health coaching encompasses exercise, nutrition, personal training, and coaching in healthy lifestyle change. If you have or are at risk for a medical condition like obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease, your Health Savings Account (HSA) will likely cover expenses related to structured weight loss programs, personal trainer fees, vitamins, and exercise equipment and programs.

In order to be covered, these services and products must be prescribed by a physician with a written letter of medical necessity and they must be for the purpose of treating a medical condition or specific disease, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, etc. They cannot be prescribed solely for general health, physical appearances or a sense of well-being. If your doctor has diagnosed you with a specific medical condition such as obesity or heart disease, then SPARK private health coaching sessions would most likely be reimbursable.

If you have an HSA then it is recommended that you purchase SPARK Services with your HSA-linked debit card. An invoice will be automatically generated and you can use this invoice for reimbursement purposes.

NOTE: If you have an HRA or FSA, you can contact your employer or financial institution for clarification about your specific guidelines and eligible expenses.

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