Host a Group Coaching Circle

Overview of Group Health Coaching

Studies show that group health coaching is an evidence-based, cost-effective way to support individuals in succeeding in their wellness goals. In order to spark lasting healthy habits, experts agree that group coaching should offer the following key elements:

Daring Divas Workshop

  1. Guidance to break wellness goals into manageable steps and create a clear, actionable path to success.
  2. Connections with others who are on a similar journey, so participants draw strength from supportive peers.
  3. Celebration of small accomplishments and praise for steps toward overall wellness.
  4. Regularly scheduled group sessions that build in accountability and keep participants committed to healthy change.

How Group Health Coaching Circles Work

A group of 6-15 Coaching Circle participants join together each week for a night of connection, camaraderie, and clear solutions. This can take the form of a hike, workplace lunch break, wine night, etc. During these enlightening and interactive weekly meetings, Coach Meg, MA, BCBA, CPT teaches participants the principles of behavior science so that they learn to conquer everyday obstacles and spark lasting healthy habit change… for good!

Ready to host a Coaching Circle for your friends, family or co-workers?! Contact Coach Meg or visit the SPARK Store to get started today!

Coach Meg Provides:

  • Weekly small group health coaching sessions over a 5-12 week period
  • Customized Wellness Action Plans, specific to each participant’s personal wellness goals
  • Personal contact with Coach Meg between group sessions for continuous support
  • Tools and handouts to boost healthy success at home, at work, and at play
  • Access to an exclusive online forum so participants can stay connected
  • Marketing materials and messages to encourage participants to join the Circle (for organizations)
  • Aggregated reports on participation, progress and satisfaction (for organizations)

Your Group or Organization Provides:

  • A quiet, comfortable space with seating for 10-15 participants
  • Marketing and communications to potential participants
  • Organizations hosting Coaching Circles receive aggregated reports on participants’ health status (if available)
  • Organizations hosting Coaching Circles as a part of employee wellness programming may choose to subsidize all or part of the cost (optional)

Added Value for Organizations that Employ Professional Caregivers

Your employees and the clients you serve are your organization’s MOST important resources! If you’re serious about boosting their satisfaction, performance, and morale as well as your bottom line, then contact Coach Meg today to discuss setting up an Ignite Wellness Coaching Circle at your organization.

Detailed program reports will aim to prove a reduction in missed client visits and employee sick time, a decrease in staff turn over and an improvement in  client satisfaction and staff productivity. In addition, for organizations that offer Coaching Circles to employees, these metrics can be utilized to negotiate reductions in health insurance premiums.

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